Ryan Louie

PhD student at Northwestern in Technology and Social Behavior.


Bio. In my graduate work, I aim to design, implement, and evaluate Cerebro, a computational platform for detecting and facilitating opportunistic interactions, or serendipitous moments in users’ daily lives for engaging in shared activities, to support social connection at distance. This purposed research is advancing my interests in designing intelligent human-machine systems, and my desire to empower people to build stronger social connections, increase social capital, and increase their emotional well-being. Advancing these goals requires taking an interdisciplinary approach; in this vein, my work draws on methods from HCI, AI, and social science to devise novel technological solutions to complex human problems.

I am pursuing an interdisciplinary PhD in Computer Science and Communications through the Technology and Social Behavior Program at Northwestern University. I have had the pleasure of pursuing this research with Dr. Darren Gergle and my advisor, Dr. Haoqi Zhang.

In addition to my research, I am a SIG (Special Interest Group) head for the Design, Technology, and Research studio at Northwestern, where I've had the opportunity to co-mentor several wonderful undergraduate students while they practice to self-direct their own independent, Systems HCI research projects (Shoutout to Sanfeng Wang, Ryan Jeon, Matthew Wang, Andrew Finke, Jennie Werner, Allison Sun, Suzy Lee, Meg Grasse, Eunice Lee).