Ryan Louie

Technology and Social Behavior PhD student at Northwestern studying human-in-the-loop artificial intelligence systems.

Bio. I am pursuing my PhD at Northwestern University, where I am working with Haoqi Zhang on the design of human-in-the-loop artificial intelligence systems. My work bridges the fields of Human-Computer Interaction and Artificial Intelligence. My graduate study is in Technology and Social Behavior, a joint program between Computer Science and Communication Studies. My training will equip me with the techniques to design and implement AI systems and the methods to evaluate them for human-centered measures.

My current line of research exploring interactions, algorithms and architectures that will allow us to interact programmatically with our physical environments in interesting ways via new forms of affordance-aware computing. Affordances are the possible actions users can take based on their situational-context -- where are they, what are they currently doing, and who and what is around them? By defining affordances that can be detected by computers, I hope to open the door for building new classes of applications that transform the way we interact with the physical world on a daily basis.

In addition to my research, I am a project head for the Design, Technology, and Research course program at Northwestern, where I mentor more than 20 undergraduate students on self-directed research projects, many of which get published at top HCI conferences.

2017 - now: Northwestern Technology and Social Behavior PhD student
2013 - 2017: Olin College of Engineering: B.S. Engineering with a concentration in Robotics

Apr 2017: I created a Medium blog discussing the personal values AI practioneers bring with them to do authentic work. In the process, I became a writer for the Towards Data Science publication!